Friday, January 16, 2015

Belgium - Terrorists 1-0

  • What does terrorism accomplish? Nothing besides stricter anti-terrorism laws. Seriously, nothing else. People aren't afraid of you, you can't fear people into giving over their freedom with a few minor isolated attacks, for instance in an office and a fucking supermarket. It's like we're swatting Jihadi flies.
  • I would like to remind the brainwashed idiots returning from Syria that it was China and Russia blocking Western help to get rid of Assad. Why are you returning in the first place? Did you miss your Playstation?
  • Assad is still president of Syria. I agree that the United Nations and International Community should act against this, but let's face it, if China and Russia allowed it and they did, the Arab world would probably condemn those actions too. It's a lose-lose situation.
  • Here's some irony for you: "Syrian security forces attacked the country's best-known political cartoonist, Ali Farzat, a noted critic of Syria's government and its five-month crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators and dissent. Relatives of the severely beaten humorist told Western media that the attackers threatened to break Farzat's bones as a warning for him to stop drawing cartoons of government officials, particularly Assad. Farzat was hospitalized with fractures in both hands and blunt force trauma to the head."
  • How are you changing the world by killing innocents and police officers, how are you helping Islam with that? You aren't. You are hurting your religion with it.
  • IS, Al Qaida, Boko Haram have killed thousands of Muslims, Arabs and this is the side you choose.
  • You see Western countries as the enemy while they are taking you in and providing you with the future that your home countries cannot offer you.
  • Four of these idiots are from the same province as I am. They threatened Belgium in a Facebook post... in their sandals. It it immediately received over 50 likes from Belgian sympathizers. The Belgian government is looking for ways to prosecute them and they are already on watch lists.
  • The Facebook post said "this is a message to Belgium and everybody that fights against the Islamic state. We are not a small army as they are fooling you over there. We are a state that is expanding and that will eventually arrive in Belgium whether you want it or not."
  • Here is the flemish news article and in the comments there are several sympathisers saying "where is your freedom of expression now? they are just expressing themselves!"
  • There is a difference between freedom of expression and hate speech. Hate speech is illegal, threatening people is illegal, and if you don't know the difference try threatening your government in an Arab country and see how much freedom you have over there.
  • We are not afraid. Islam is not be expanding. There will never be Sharia law in Europe. The Western authorities will destroy each and every one of you deluded killers.
  • If you support Jihadi terrorism and live in a western country, you can fuck off back to your sandbox without a future if it's so much better over there.
  • Spoiler alert, there are no virgins waiting in heaven for you. There is no heaven and even if there was, why the hell would you want virgins in it? You are only a martyr to a marginal group of idiots who are as frustrated and ignorant as yourself.
  • These people judge Western customs but can't deal with their own cognitive dissonance. So we eat bacon and we don't oppress our women. Our customs don't include cutting people's heads off.
  • And finally should a consciousness blog be ridiculing Islam and other religions? Yes, ridiculous things need to be ridiculed, that's how you make others realize its ridiculousness. 
  • I don't think anyone is a hero for dying and think the concept is ludicrous, but I do think it's absolutely heroic to fearlessly stand up for freedom of expression and I think it's absolutely heroic to rid the world of murderers, no matter what they believe in.
Here are a few cartoons that a Belgian Journalist asked to send in:

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Devil's college

Hey a youtube comment that makes sense and another lesson about confirmation bias

Here's what claimed is fishy 
  • The guy on the roof wearing a bulletproof vest
  • Three people that are likely police just walking towards where the terrorists will come out, then disappearing or the footage is edited
And here's Donnie Bravo's comment:
"Sorry dude but you've got this wrong. All that's happened here is the news chanel has looped the video but they don't play it right from the start. The scene of the two shooters at 4:01 in this video is where the video starts then the guy with vest comes onto roof with two others then more come after once the vest guy is closer to the camera & crouched down which is when the cops are then moving down the street attempting to go after the shooters."

Oh man, isn't it weird how one is happy when it seems to be actual terrorist attack and not a false flag op... What a crazy world.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Site & Health update!

Let's all be very grateful to Andrew for funding's hosting for a good while! I got the authentication code I need to transfer the domain name and now I'm just waiting on a delayed sata cable order to get access to my site again! Damn webshop didn't update their inventory so my one day delivery changed into more than a week delivery time.

I got some bad news yesterday, I go to a professor for the Lyme's disease and he's not a chatty fellow but told me my "immune system is on fire" in a bad way after I spent a half hour on a hometrainer bike with electrodes on my chest and back, a mask with breathing tubes, a thing on my finger and on my arms. They had to draw even more blood to do more tests because Lyme can't be the only reason for my immune system acting up this much. It also meant treatment still isn't starting. It was a bit of a shock cause I didn't expect this severity at all. Really alienating experience in the waiting room being ignored by everyone else there while I was tearing up after hearing the news, I wasn't able to sleep the night before so I think the fatigue helped cause those tears and to be fair all the people in the waiting room are suffering from Lyme and other conditions too.
My arms still are in really bad shape for which I'm going to a physical trainer (only once a week and that really should be twice). So that's gonna prevent me from working on the site very fast, but I do intend to update the site so it looks a bit more pro! 2015 is gonna be a good year for Dedroidify!

I tried getting the Dedroidify youtube channel back from a christian conspiracy wackjob but youtube isn't having it, and apparently Dedroidify at wordpress is taken too! No biggy though just remember that is my channel.

The Storm Giants - Bukowski

Our fellow seeker buddy Sureshot has recorded his first studio track and is working on his album, check out the great music here:

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year

I'm sorry I can't start the new year with good news though. I've lost the hosting for and don't have the funds or tech-savviness to set up a new one or temporary one. So for the time being, is dead. All the content is still available via when I did the daily dedroidify series on here, just have to scroll a bit down.

I plan to get my shit together at one point, just don't know when yet. My treatment for Lyme begins next wednesday so that'll be a nice start.

If anyone has any ideas how we can reserve the domain name at least without paying too much I'd really appreciate it.